The Rohingya Community

Providing cultural & language preservation for one of the world’s most persecuted people.
Our Rohingya resources are designed for those living in refugee camps (Kutupalong) and for those resettled in western countries.
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Rohingya Products

We design & sell our own Rohingya products – made in collaboration with Rohingya communities around the world.

Coloring Books for Afghan refugees

Education Consultants

We’re hired as consultants and design custom projects for NGOs working directly in the Rohingya community.

Advocacy & Storytelling

We present at schools, universities, and special events to share about the Rohingya diaspora and spread awareness of the refugee crisis.

Who We’ve Worked With

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Who are the Rohingya?

The Rohingya are an ethnic minority from Rakhine State, Myanmar. They have faced persecution at the hands of the Myanmar military.
In August 2017, an outbreak of violence by the Myanmar military forced over 600,000 Rohingya to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. They now live in Kutupalong — also known as the World’s Largest Refugee Camp. There are currently over 1 million people living in Kutupalong.

Education in the Camps

Resources are not enough to provide education for every student, ages 5 – 18. When resources are scarce, education can fall off the list of priorities. Informal learning is the most flexible and ideal alternative for a refugee living in an unpredictable environment.
Our materials can be used in the home or in a learning center, child friendly space, or community center.

What Language Do They Learn?

The Rohingya language is unwritten, but we strive to provide materials in their native language to encourage mother-tongue literacy.
We collaborate with scholars and linguists who have been developing a written form of the Rohingya language. Our materials provide instruction in English, Burmese, and written Rohingya — which continues to be tested through community testing via our products.

What’s Special About Our Materials?

Everything is contextualized to the Rohingya culture. We conduct in-field research, collect reference photos from our Rohingya friends.
All of the cartoon characters were created from reference photos of real-life people who have inspired us. Every single cartoon has been approved by a Rohingya community member. These materials are more relatable to them, fostering greater engagement.

Support Our Work

Our work in refugee camps is made possible by donors around the world. Your donation helps us print & distribute materials.

I cannot express how grateful we are towards the industrious and compassionate team behind Books Unbound – for its amazing and creative works undertaken to make the lives of the Rohingya refugees better and hopeful. Thank you a million times.
Rohingya human rights activist | Ireland
My Picture Dictionary was created by Books Unbound. It is one of the best educational tools for the Rohingya students.
Rohingya educator | Bangladesh
In the refugee camp, this is totally a different book from other. I’ve never seen this kind of book before. When I go out of the house, my younger brother uses the book during my absence. Thank you Books Unbound for this beautiful book.
– Rohingya student | Bangladesh

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