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Our Clients

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Custom Projects

In addition to selling our own products, we provide custom “cartoonizing” projects and Teacher Trainings for clients based on request.


Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Sponsored by University of New South Wales (UNSW) and in collaboration with ClimbAid, Books Unbound produced a short animation to promote physical activity among displaced populations. The animation was created to highlight the importance of exercise for one’s physical and mental health.

Libraries Without Borders (BSF)

Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Designed and implemented custom teacher trainings the Rohingya Picture Dictionary program in BSF’s IdeasBox facilities.


Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Worked closely with IOM’s (International Organization for Migration) Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre team to develop a specialized, custom Rohingya Visual Dictionary to represent various Rohingya cultural items and traditions. Printed and distributed in Kutupalong, Bangaldesh.

Children's Hospital

Colorado, USA

Designed a custom religious diversity project for a Chaplain at Children’s Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO.


Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Developed custom Rohingya animations for IOM’s MHPSS team, sharing different practices to improve one’s mental health during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Animations were designed by Books Unbound’s team with the assistance of Rohingya translators in Kutupalong, Bangladesh.

Anonymous Individuals


Project for anonymous individuals working in Myanmar who aim to spread awareness of drowning & water safety practices in rural villages.

Looking for education consultants?

We provide custom Teacher Trainings & various projects based on the need. Send us an inquiry and we’ll be in touch.

Our Partners

Our partners assist in research & development, monitoring & evaluation, and in-field program implementation of Books Unbound’s materials.

Featured Partner

Maiya School

Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Educating adolescent girls living in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. Maiya School opened their first girls-only learning centre in Kutupalong refugee camp in April 2022.
Maiya School students currently attend two classes a week led by Books Unbound materials, teaching them life skills and basic health practices, and encouraging creativity, innovation, and community-based work.
Books Unbound and Maiya School

ILAD Rohingya Program

Texas, USA

ILAD partners with Books Unbound and other organzatons to cultivate and implement Rohingya L1 literacy materials. This includes serving as a support to these organizations developing resource materials and books, as well as building story books and in-home literacy class materials of our own.
ILAD recognizes that the Rohingya language literacy situation is very complex, and seeks to honor the dedication of all who have gone before us to pioneer literacy in their mother language. Their field research aids in the development of our materials.

Burmese Rohingya Community of Wisconsin

Wisconsin, USA

The BRCW is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit that has been serving Rohingya and Burmese resettled refugees since 2016. They provide transitional services and develop needs based programming to recently arrived Rohingya including, interpretation/translation, education, health, donations, and workforce developement.
BRCW assists in the feedback process of our development phase and incorporates our materials in their programs, serving as a communication conduit between Rohingya & American communities.

Independent Teachers

Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Our work was inspired by Rohingya teachers who took their own initiatives to build makeshift schools in their own homes, despite education restrictions and lack of resources. We find teachers working independently in the refugee camps & provide them with our Picture Dictionary & Teacher Guide. We offer a free Teacher Training program (25 sessions) to share lesson plan ideas and activity recommendations.
These teachers assist in our research & development phase and implement our materials in their own schools.

Independent Schools

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

We partner with anonymous individuals outside of the refugee camps who offer vocational training programs and informal schools for local students.

We equip them with our resources and they aid in the research and development of new products.

Los Angeles Rohingya Association

California, USA

LARA is a community-based nonprofit advocacy organization based in Los Angeles. LARA focuses on advocacy for Rohingya and other ethnic groups in Myanmar concerning human rights and other social issues. Individuals from the LARA network assist Books Unbound in the research & development phase to ensure cultural efficacy in our materials.

Interested in partnering with us?

We’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate with organizations in the field. Send us a message and we’ll be in touch!