Teacher Trainings

The Teacher Training Program and Teacher Guide were designed by several educators with teaching experience in Southeast Asia. The common teaching method we witnessed is a typical back-and-forth ‘teacher speaks, students repeat’ strategy. A lot of memorization, chanting, but lacking in creativity or critical thinking skills. This is a difficult method to maintain, especially with students who may have attention-deficit issues or are more timid to participate.
Our Approach:
Our program was designed to provide teachers with innovative teaching methods to spice up their lesson planning. The activities are a combination of drawing, partner, and group activities that can be applied to any topic in our Picture Dictionary and beyond.
The purpose of the trainings is to build a teaching community and encourage more creative teaching methods that might be outside of the educators’ comfort zone — in communities where school may not be an option.

Increased Productivity

My teaching system has been changed after receiving the training program from Books Unbound. I have learned creative ways how to make class more productive. Now students are learning more fruitfully and more effectively.
– Rohingya participant, Bangladesh

The Best Training (!)

This is one of the best training among all of trainings that I’ve received.
— Rohingya participant, Bangladesh

New Opportunities

I’m really pleased for being a part of the Books Unbound’s teacher training. I didn’t get enough opportunity to attend this kind of training before. This training was a blessing for me. It will impact positively in my teaching profession.
— Rohingya participant, Bangladesh
How It Works:
Each teacher receives a copy of our Teacher Guide, which complements the Rohingya Picture Dictionary (student book). For every page in the Student Book, we provide the following in the Teacher Guide:
• Learning Objectives
• Discussion Points
• Drawing Activity
• Partner Activity
• Group Activity
During each session, the teachers go through each page and discuss learning objectives, discussion points, then participate in all activities themselves.
We encourage the teachers to try all of the activities together before implementing in their own classroom. The activities are a mixture of icebreakers and activities to get the kids moving around the room.
Education for refugees
At the final session, teachers are assigned to design and deliver an innovative lesson plan with the class of teachers.
All teachers must participate in the lesson and vote on which teacher delivered the most effective, interactive lesson. The winning teacher is awarded a prize.
After the teachers complete their training, we print & distribute Rohingya Picture Dictionaries and notebooks / pens to all of their students.
Every 3 months for up to 1 year, we conduct follow-up surveys with all teachers who received our training and books.
We conduct this training through support by private donors. We also get hired by organizations to provide trainings to their local teachers.
Sponsor a Training
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  • Donations go to support our Teacher Trainings with independent Rohingya educators in Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Rohingya student

Kutupalong, Bangladesh

“I love this picture dictionary very much because of its cartoons. I can not write and read properly. That is why I cannot understand what is being written. But that doesn’t matter for me because of the colorful cartoons. By seeing the cartoons I can understand the meaning behind it. After coming to school, I myself explore this book and describe it in my own language. This makes me feel better and happier. I always keep this book with me.”

Rohingya student

Kutupalong, Bangladesh

“I love to read and write very much. After getting this picture dictionary, now I can practice writing more than before. I have a elder sister who has a very strong bond with this picture dictionary. She keeps it when I go outside the house. This is the first time my camp’s community is presented in a realistic way. I love this picture dictionary very much. I can easily find out the real characters of my community by going through this picture dictionary.”


If you’d like to learn more about our Teacher Trainings, contact us directly: [email protected].