Coloring Books for 500 Children

Mental health resources for Rohingya refugees
With the year drawing to a close yet again, we look back on all the Books Unbound milestones of 2022. October was an exciting month as we were able to make a distribution of 500 Rohingya Coloring Books, including 500 packets of coloring pencils and pencil sharpeners. 
The books were given to Rohingya refugees in Kutupalong, Bangladesh with 55 of these coloring books going to our local partner, Maiya School.
The remainder of the books were distributed to the independent teachers we work with in the Rohingya refugee camps.
Why coloring books?
We started this project with a vision to create an educational tool that served many purposes. 
Our books are fully contextualised to each community, which can be really empowering for marginalised children. Who doesn’t love seeing a cartoon that looks like them? 
As coloring is a proven therapeutic activity, our Coloring Books can also be a form of Art Therapy to aid refugee children in recovering from conflict-related trauma. They provide a much-needed creative outlet and act as a fun, productive use of free time in an environment where children are often bored and unengaged due to lack of activities.
“I used to draw pictures at the very beginning of my school life in Myanmar. Most of my friends used to call me small artist. But after forsaking my country, I almost lost my hope to become an artist. This coloring book is awesome. This is the first time that I’ve received a tool from an organization which is related to my talent.”
– Rohingya Student, Bangladesh
This is an educational tool that I love to use. Sometimes I want to spend time alone, but I didn’t have any idea how to spend time alone. So, finally I have found the solution. This is a fun way to express my feelings.”
– Rohingya Student, Bangladesh
We would like to thank our donors and everyone that purchased the coloring book for making this possible.
You have made a positive and powerful difference in many children’s lives.
If you would like to support the Coloring Book Project, see here for more information.

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