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My Coloring Book: Places

Bengali Version | Languages: Bangla & English

Rohim and Fatima take you on a journey to show all of their favorite places! They have a beautiful community with so many colorful places. We just need someone to color it all in!

Check out our latest outreach with the Bengali community in Bangladesh.

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Need learning materials for a large-scale project? We’d love to help you! Purchase one of our already-made products or request a custom project. We deliver anywhere in Bangladesh.

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Who are the Bengali people?

The Bengalis are the world’s third largest ethnic community. They live in Bangladesh, one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Bangladesh is also known as the “host country” for over 1 million Rohingya refugees. With this large influx of refugees, resources have become scarce.

Education in Rural Areas

Many children in Bangladesh will not have access to education, especially in the rural areas. We partner with organizations that work in orphanages & rural areas to provide learning opportunities for the local children. We are focused on providing informal self-taught learning materials that encourage creativity. This includes Bengali Picture Dictionaries & Coloring Books.

Learning for Bengali children
Coloring books for Bangladesh

What’s Special About Your Materials?

Everything is contextualized to the Bengali culture. We conduct in-field research, collect reference photos from our Bengali friends. Every single cartoon has been approved by a Bengali community member. These materials are more relatable to them, fostering greater engagement.

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We’ve got a great Bengali Coloring Book that has been a huge hit in the Bengali community. Grab a few copies (or place a large order for your program) today!

Adopt the Bengali Community

As you can see, the Rohingya community has a lot more projects than the Bengali community. We’re looking for corporate sponsors who can support the Bengali community so we can expand our projects!

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Select a project from the Bengali community and host a fundraiser! Your support helps us print and distribute materials. We’ll equip you with marketing materials to help your fundraising campaign.

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