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2020/12/18 10:50:26

Christmas Project

Coloring Books for Refugees

Restlessness, irritability, and depression are common issues refugees face. Throw in a pandemic and we’ve got a mental health crisis at our hands.

That’s why our team created the first ever Rohingya coloring book. Coloring is a therapeutic activity that has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and aid in the trauma healing process.

Our Rohingya friends need this now more than ever.

$5 gives a child

  • 1 Rohingya coloring book

  • 1 package of 12 coloring pencils

  • 1 pencil sharpener

Help us raise $2,500 by December 18

to bring 500 books to the world’s largest refugee camp!

I want to learn more about your Coloring Book Project before I donate.

Want a coloring book for Christmas?

We’ve got you covered. Order our coloring book on Amazon today and get it in time for Christmas.

What We Do: Cartoonize Communities

Everyone likes cartoons, especially the ones that look like them. Our learning materials are simple, relatable, and culturally sensitive. This fosters greater engagement.



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Featured Project:

When You Feel Sad, Mad, or Scared…

It’s critical to support Rohingya refugees by encouraging dialogue around mental health. The purpose of our animations is to provide a safe and encouraging environment so the Rohingya people feel comfortable to share about their well-being.

Sponsored by IOM – UN Migration

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Every project serves as a template that can be contextualized to another community in the world.
If you like a project but work in a different community, contact us. We’d love to contextualize it for your target community.

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Books Unbound’s #1 Supporter: Dan Danielson.


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We take participants on a journey to learn about the refugee crisis through photos and storytelling. We offer pop-up photo exhibitions to increase awareness and advocacy.

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Are you in need of culturally relevant, picture-based learning materials? We develop custom projects based on your need. Materials are available in various mediums (books, flashcards, posters, etc). Let us “cartoonize” your curriculum.

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