Culturally sensitive picture-based learning for displaced communities.

Education in refugee camps is a luxury. When resources are stretched thin and families are displaced, education is often neglected. With little formal opportunity to learn, cognitive development is compromised and refugees fall victim to depression. Through targeted services, time in camps can be redeemed to promote educational growth.

We reduce barriers to learning, one cartoon at a time.

The Rohingya Project

Kutupalong, Bangladesh


Everyone likes cartoons, especially those that look like them. Our mission is to reduce barriers to education in displaced communities through picture-based learning materials. Our cartoons are designed specifically for the ethnic group, making it engaging and effective. Whether a self-taught or instructor-based environment, our illustrative materials provide multiple avenues to learning.


We research, collect content, and deliver to our artists for illustration. We work closely with local educators to ensure that all illustrations are culturally sensitive and relevant.

Teacher Training

We provide teacher trainings for local educators to show innovative teaching methods and lesson plan ideas. We provide in-person trainings and video-based trainings to reduce barriers to teaching. .


Our materials are used to educate and break down barriers so that the stories of the displaced can be told. We build storytelling platforms through photo exhibitions with local photographers. This builds awareness and allows stories to be told in a sensitive manner.

Learning Based on the Need —

Whether the priority is to learn English or learn about disease prevention and disaster preparedness, we design materials based on the most immediate education needs. We seek to fill the learning gap wherever it is needed.

This includes:

  • Vocabulary development/Conversation building
  • Basic problem solving skills
  • Platform for creativity to overcome trauma

The Rohingya Project

In August 2017, a violent crackdown against the Rohingya people in western Myanmar forced a mass exodus to neighboring Bangladesh. The Rohingya are currently living in Kutupalong, the world’s largest refugee camp.

Working with refugees? Looking for something culturally relevant? Our Rohingya Picture Dictionary might help you out!
Region-focus: South and Southeast Asian
Religion-focus: Muslim
Languages: English, English – Burmese
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Our projects are supported by you! Your donation covers the cost for printing and developing materials. Help us bring more informal learning into communities, one cartoon at a time.

Host a Photo Exhibition

We take participants on a journey to learn about the refugee crisis through photos and storytelling. We offer pop-up photo exhibitions to increase awareness and advocacy.
Current photo exhibition: The Rohingya People

Custom Projects

Are you in need of culturally relevant, picture-based learning materials? We develop custom projects based on your need. Materials are available in various mediums (books, flashcards, posters, etc). Let us “cartoonize” your curriculum.