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Books Unbound Children's Book

Our Family Photo | Based on a true story

A young Rohingya boy from Myanmar was forced to leave his home and embark on a journey across the world. Even though his family is separated, he carries something special to keep them close to his heart.


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For the Girls

“Do you have a book with girls that look like us?”

We designed a book for the Rohingya girls living in Bangladesh.

Do you work with Rohingya people? Are you passionate about supporting girls’ education in the Rohingya community?

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Education for rohingya girls

Featured Short Story:

Coloring books for refugees.

What We Do: Cartoonize Communities

Everyone likes cartoons, especially the ones that look like them. We design informal learning materials for refugees. Our materials are simple, relatable, and culturally sensitive. This fosters greater engagement.

Books Unbound Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary Project

Rohingya & US Communities

Contextualized picture dictionary with relevant vocabulary, conversation building, reinforcing critical thinking skills. Customizable for any community.

Exercise for refugees

Exercise is for Everyone

Rohingya & Syrian Communities

Encouraging exercise for refugees around the world. We illustrate how exercise is beneficial for our mental and physical health, especially in a refugee camp.


Education for girls

For the Girls

Rohingya Community

Made by girls, for girls. Designed for refugee girls with limited education. We teach basic health & nutrition, life skills, and entrepreneurship skills to empower girls.

Rakhine State, Myanmar

Children's Cartoons

Rohingya Community

Your not-so-basic Saturday morning cartoons for Rohingya children. In the Rohingya language with stories based in Myanmar & Bangladesh.

Coloring Books

Rohingya & Bengali Communities

Coloring books for refugees. Art therapy aids in the trauma healing process. We bring more color into the world, one cartoon at a time.

Stories of Rohingya

Rohingya Reunions

Rohingya Community

An ongoing storytelling project documenting Rohingya families who are scattered around the world.

Featured Animation:

Our Rohingya Adventures

Rohingya student Hazara finds motivation to keep tackling math in a story told by a Rohingya elder.

This is the first ever Rohingya cartoon series performed by Rohingya actors. Made in collaboration with International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Sponsored by IOM – UN Migration

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The Dan Danielson Memorial Fund

None of this would have been possible without him.

Books Unbound’s #1 Supporter: Dan Danielson.


Our projects are supported by you! Your donation covers the cost for printing and developing materials. Help us bring more informal learning into communities, one cartoon at a time.

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Request a presentation from founder, Sophie Danielson, to learn more about the Rohingya diaspora, how Books Unbound began, and her journey of finding her Rohingya friends around the world.

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Are you in need of culturally relevant, picture-based learning materials? We develop custom projects based on your need. Materials are available in various mediums (books, animations, posters, etc). Let us “cartoonize” your curriculum.