The Rohingya Project

Kutupalong, Bangladesh



The Refugee Education Crisis

Education in refugee camps is a luxury. When resources are stretched thin and families are displaced, education is often neglected. With little formal opportunity to learn, cognitive development is compromised and refugees fall victim to depression. Through targeted services, time in camps can be redeemed to promote educational growth.

Books Unbound

Sometimes school isn’t an option. There are barriers of entry to formal learning. That’s when informal learning takes place.

Books Unbound delivers targeted informal learning for refugees. A picture-based curriculum reaches both literate and illiterate individuals, allowing a more inclusive learning environment. The illustrations are designed specifically for the ethnic group, making it relatable and culturally sensitive. Whether a self-taught or instructor-based environment, our illustrative curriculum provides multiple avenues to learning.


We research each topic, collect content in the field, and deliver it to our artists for illustration.

We work closely with the refugees to ensure that all illustrations are culturally sensitive and relevant.

Teacher Training

Our Teacher platform lets teachers share their lesson plan ideas. These are displayed in short video segments of in-classroom demonstrations. We want to reduce the barriers of entry to teaching.


Books Unbound is used to educate and break down barriers so that the stories of the displaced can be told.

We provide a platform for the stories of the refugees to be documented and shared to a global audience.

The Rohingya Project

In August 2017, a violent crackdown against the Rohingya people in western Myanmar forced a mass exodus to neighboring Bangladesh. The Rohingya are currently living in Kutupalong, the world’s largest refugee camp.

“Education is the backbone of human lives. Every human being must have right to education regardless of their status and whereabouts. Books Unbound has been striving to help the Rohingya children in the refugee camps. We really appreciate Books Unbound’s hard work and solidarity for our people.”

Khairul Boshor,

Rohingya from Arakan State, Myanmar. Based in the Netherlands.

The Rohingya Picture Dictionary

Vocabulary was collected from Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and throughout the United States.


To read more, download our latest report:

Rohingya Project Overview

“Books Unbound is an essential tool to help teach English with culturally relevant pictures and vocabulary. Students with access to this tool will be able to build their futures through English communications.”

Sally Amerine,

MA in Education

ESL teacher for 20 years, preschool through adults

“I always wanted to bring change in the world with my art and Books Unbound gave me this opportunity. I couldn’t be more grateful to them for giving me a chance to work with them and contribute to this educational and charitable cause. I hope that I can help more people though my art and make a difference in this world.”


Artist for Books Unbound

Based in Qatar

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