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Culturally sensitive, inclusive coloring books for refugees & marginalized communities

Representation matters, even in a simple coloring book.
Our products are designed for cultural sensitivity & preservation, featuring diverse characters and themes from various cultures and backgrounds. These coloring books are perfect for refugees and marginalized communities, providing a fun and engaging activity that promotes mindfulness and relaxation.

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We provide a platform for children to bring more color into this world, one coloring book at a time.

What We Do

Book Donations:

We donate our books to children in refugee camps & temporary shelters. We work with local educators to coordinate coloring competitions.
Our book donations are supported by private donations & business sponsors.

Books for Sale:

We sell our books to schools, libraries, NGOs, & individuals working with refugees. Purchases go directly to support the development of new coloring books.
We have an online shop and provide bulk orders directly. You can hire us for custom coloring book projects.

Why We Do It

Books Unbound | Coloring books

Art Therapy

Refugee children suffer from conflict-related trauma, which severely harms their mental health and stalls the learning process.

Coloring is a therapeutic activity that is proven to aid in the trauma healing process.


Our coloring books are multicultural to promote diversity and inclusive learning. We conduct in-depth research to ensure proper representation of each culture.

Books Unbound | Coloring books


Marginalized children have very few educational or creative activities.
We provide a platform for creativity to ensure children have the opportunity to express themselves.

Coloring competition in the world's largest refugee camp

Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Coloring Book Donations: Our Impact

Check out our latest book donation in the Rohingya refugee camp!

When we donate coloring books in refugee camps, we work closely with local educators & printers. Each child receives:
  • Our Coloring Book (tailored to target community)
  • 12 coloring pencils
  • A pencil sharpener

Featured Product:

Syrian Coloring Book
Designed by Syrians, for Syrians.
Join our Syrian friends, Zahraa and Ali, on an exciting journey to explore their favorite places in Syria! Our coloring book captures the beauty of their vibrant community and invites children to color their world with their own creativity.
As part of our mission to honor cultural diversity and preserve language, we collaborated with our Syrian team to create contextualized scenes of life in Syria. Each scene comes with written titles in both Arabic and English, making it a great educational tool for children.

Note: For orders outside the USA, we print on-demand in the UK and ship via Royal Mail or Fed Ex. Please allow 5 – 8 business days for printing these custom orders.

Now Offering:

Custom bulk orders in Bangladesh for NGOs working with Rohingya & Bangla communities.

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