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Our Ukrainian friends, Zoryana and Ostap, take you on a journey to show all of their favorite places in their area. They have a beautiful community with so many colorful places. We just need someone to color it all in!
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What’s the latest update on our coloring book project?

Coloring is such a simple, fun activity that reaches children all over the world! We provide a platform for children to bring more color into this world, one coloring book at a time.

Here’s why we do it:

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Art Therapy

Refugee children suffer from conflict-related trauma, which severely harms their mental health and stalls the learning process.

Coloring is a therapeutic activity that is proven to aid in the trauma healing process.


Our coloring books are multicultural to promote diversity and inclusive learning. We conduct in-depth research to ensure proper representation of each culture.

Books Unbound | Coloring books


Marginalized children have very few educational or creative activities.
We provide a platform for creativity to ensure children have the opportunity to express themselves.

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Our books are great education tools to help children learn about diverse cultures and languages. We want to make our books accessible for communities around the world.

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coloring books for refugees
Coloring Books for refugees

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