Our Approach

Every project is designed to be contextualized to any community in the world, making our projects easily expandable.
If you like a project but work in a different community, contact us. We’d love to contextualize it for your target community.

Picture Dictionaries

Afghan, Rohingya, USA

Culturally sensitive, inclusive Picture Dictionaries & Teacher Guides designed to be used by anyone – literate or illiterate.

Coloring Books

Afghan, Rohingya, Ukrainian, Bangla, Syrian

Contextualized coloring books designed to represent the refugees’ home countries to provide familiarity.

Girls' Books

Afghan, Rohingya

Designed to introduce female-sensitive conversations and promote healthy lifestyle changes in context of displacement.

Exercise is for Everyone

Rohingya, Afghan, Lebanese, Syrian

Promoting healthy lifestyle interventions in context of displacement to improve mental & physical health.

Teacher Trainings

Rohingya, TBD

Designed to provide teachers with innovative teaching methods in informal settings.


Rohingya, Syrian

“Saturday morning cartoons” for ethnic minorities with unwritten languages.

Children's Books

Rohingya, Global

Children’s books based on true stories of our Rohingya friends & refugee resettlement.

Free Resources

Afghan, Rohingya, Ukrainian, Karen, Mexican

Mental health activities for children suffering from conflict-related trauma.

Child Rights

Rohingya, Global

Created educate, build conversation, and encourage awareness of human rights.

Rohingya Reunions

SE Asia, USA, Europe

Connecting with Rohingya families around the world & understanding the Rohingya diaspora.

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