Our Approach

Every project serves as a template that can be contextualized to another community in the world.

If you like a project but work in a different community, contact us. We’d love to contextualize it for your target community.

Picture Dictionary Project

Rohingya & US-based Communities

Contextualized cartoons. Relevant vocabulary. Customizable for any community.

Books Unbound | Coloring books

Coloring Books

Rohingya Community

We provide a platform for children to bring more color into this world, one coloring book at a time.

Education for refugees | Books Unbound

Exercise is for Everyone

Rohingya, Lebanese & Syrian Communities

Exercise is extremely important to maintain our mental and physical health — especially in a refugee camp!

Education for refugee girls

For the Girls

Rohingya Community

A book made by girls, for girls. Designed for marginalized girls with limited education. Sometimes we don’t have women in our lives to tell us those girl-sensitive topics — we’re here to help!

Child Rights

Rohingya & Global Communities

Everyone has the right to know their rights. This project was created educate, build conversation, and encourage awareness of human rights.

The COVID-19 Project

Rohingya Community

Teaching our Rohingya friends about basic hygiene and ways to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Need a specific project made?

Let us know your ideas and we can get it made for you.