Rohingya Picture Dictionaries for 400 children

Contextualized picture dictionaries for Rohingya children
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Thanks to the generous support of our donors, our mission to provide valuable educational resources to Rohingya refugee students has taken a significant leap forward. We’ve been hard at work updating and distributing the new and improved Rohingya Picture Dictionary.

Fresh Content and New Pages

Our beloved Rohingya Picture Dictionary has received a fantastic makeover. The updated version has new pages filled with even more relatable content.
This edition, translated in collaboration with our partner organization, ILAD (International Literacy and Development), is now available in three languages: Rohingya, Burmese, and English. This multilingual approach ensures that the dictionaries are accessible and useful for a broader range of learners and educators.

Empowering Teachers with New Tools

Every teacher who received these updated dictionaries participated in our comprehensive Teacher Training program. Over 40 hours of interactive training with our skilled Trainer and fellow educators, these teachers learned to utilize our Teacher Guide effectively.
Equipped with these new tools, teachers can now enhance their lesson planning and introduce exciting new activities in their classrooms, even with limited resources.

Distribution Day

We’re excited to announce that we have distributed 400 copies of the Rohingya Picture Dictionary to eager students.
Along with the dictionaries, each student received a pen and notebook, ensuring they have everything they need to dive into their new learning materials. They’re incredibly grateful for these new books, which they can use both in the classroom and at home. This vital resource is not just a dictionary; it’s a gateway to cultural preservation and conversation about language for Rohingya children.
To all those who made this possible – thank you! Your support has a profound impact on the lives of these students and their dedicated teachers.

Support our work

Your donation will go directly to print & distribute our materials among our local partners in Rohingya refugee camps.

This picture dictionary is an extraordinary tool for me because now I can do both learning new vocabularies as well as increasing my drawing skills.
I like 3 things of this picture dictionary.
  1. Three languages system. This is my first time I’ve ever seen the Rohingya language. I can easily understand the meaning of words by the help of Rohingya language.
  2. Colorful cartoons. From my childhood, I love cartoons so much. This book help me in my drawing.
  3. All activities are related with my culture. This picture dictionary is helping me to reach more closer of my culture. Thank you so much BOOKS UNBOUND for this wonderful book along with Notebook and pen.
— Rohingya student, Bangladesh
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