Physical Activity Promotion: Custom Work


Physical Activity is for Everyone

Books Unbound’s Custom Work with the Olympic Refuge Foundation & University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Staying physically active is such a simple, powerful way to improve our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, individuals who would gain the most from regular exercise frequently encounter obstacles that limit their ability to participate. This is particularly evident among displaced persons struggling with PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues.
We were hired by the Olympic Refuge Foundation & UNSW to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits in a way that is culturally sensitive and evidence-based. These posters were contextualized for 2 types of communities:
  1. Rohingya community in Kutupalong, Bangladesh
  2. Multicultural communities around the world
The poster statements, carefully crafted by mental health researchers, were utilized in workshops and will be displayed in gyms serving marginalized communities. Each statement was designed to be inclusive and straightforward.
Multicultural Version


Physical activity is for everyone

A broad and inclusive statement encouraging the removal of barriers to physical activity. Physical movement should be viewed as something accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities.
Rohingya Version
Multicultural Version


Moving our body can help relieve tension

The word ‘tension’ carries various meanings depending on the cultural and linguistic context. For the Rohingya, ‘tension’ can express feelings of worry, concern, and anxiety.
Rohingya Version
Multicultural Version


Physical activity can help us connect with our community

Illustrating how physical activity can serve as a means to unite communities and foster socializing and bonding among individuals.
Rohingya Version
Multicultural Version


Finding a physical activity that we enjoy can help us feel good in our bodies and minds

Physical activity is not limited to a specific set of sports or exercises. There are countless ways to integrate physical activity into our lives. We showcased various ways to stay active, emphasizing that the most important thing is to find an activity we enjoy.
Rohingya Version
Multicultural Version


I can move my body

The phrase ‘I can’ reinforces a positive connotation and offers encouragement to communities, demonstrating various ways we can engage in physical activity.
Rohingya Version

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