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Teacher Trainings & Book Distributions in Bangladesh

Schools were closed in Bangladesh for over 18 months, creating one of the most restrictive school lockdowns in the world. We continued to work during this time, training teachers and distributing books. We’re continuing our Picture Dictionary program this year and just trained 30 Rohingya teachers and distributed 500 Rohingya Picture Dictionaries.

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January – May, 2022 | Featured Donors: SK Dream Japan

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Resources are not enough to provide education for every Rohingya child in the refugee camp. When resources are scarce, education can fall off the list of priorities. Informal learning is a flexible and ideal alternative for a refugee living in an unpredictable environment.

Book donations for Bengali children



Bangladesh is also known as the host country for over 1 million Rohingya refugees. With this large influx of refugees, resources have become scarce. Many Bengali children in rural areas do not have access to quality education. We partner with local organizations to provide contextualized learning opportunities for the local children.

November, 2021
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October, 2021
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Picture Dicti

Teacher Training Program

30 Rohingya teachers participating in our Teacher Training program in Kutupalong, Bangladesh.

September, 2021
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Coloring Books for Afghan refugees

Afghan refugee outreach

We distributed 200 coloring books to organizations in Texas that work with Afghan refugees!

September, 2021
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January, 2021
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July, 2021
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January, 2021
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