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I thought only boys can do exercise. I didn’t know the importance of exercise. From today I would like to do exercise and I will share it with my friends and family members. I would like to learn more exercise which I can do easily at house as we don’t have any specific place like others.  – Rohingya student, Bangladesh
Staying physically active is such a simple, powerful way to improve our physical and mental health. Sadly, those who could benefit the most from daily exercise often face barriers that restrict access to such activities. This is especially true among displaced people who suffer from PTSD, depression, and other mental health illnesses.
Our materials are designed to encourage physical activity & healthy lifestyle habits in a contextualized, culturally sensitive manner – showing that exercise is for everyone.

Custom Project for physical activity promotion

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We’re partnering with ClimbAid & Simon Rosenbaum to produce a contextualized animation for vulnerable communities in Lebanon. Our friend, Ainaa, loves to rock climb with her friends at ClimbAid. Watch our animation and see how Ainaa and her friends teach us all about the importance of staying active everyday!

Featured communities: Syrian, Lebanese, Ethiopian, Palestinian

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There is a huge mental health crisis in the Rohingya refugee camps, especially among vulnerable Rohingya women.

Our Rohingya friends are here to share about why they like to exercise. It doesn’t matter where you live or how old you are, exercise is beneficial for everyone.

Sponsored by: UNSW Sydney

Free Resources

Start some bodyweight exercises today with these contextualized resources!

Arabic Version

Bodyweight Exercises

Reading Practice: Comic Strip

Practice reading Arabic & English! Check out this comic version of our latest animation, Exercise is for Everyone.

Arabic Version

English Version

Reading Practice: Comic Strip

Practice your reading and learn about the importance of exercise with our friends!

Comic strip here | Lebanon Version

Comic strip here | Rohingya Version

Rohingya Version

Bodyweight Exercises

Reading Practice | Comic Strip

Practice reading and learn about the importance of exercise with our Rohingya friends!

Ready the comic strip here.

Need a Custom Animation?

Want this same animation in a specific community / language? Contact us and we’ll get it contextualized for you!