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Supporting our Ukrainian friends during the crisis.
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War creates refugees. The first victims of war are often the innocent who are driven from their homes in search for safety.
In the blink of an eye, everything changes for them. Families are separated. Food becomes scarce. Education comes to a screeching hault.
As the situation in Ukraine intensifies, so does the number of refugees fleeing the country. While neighboring countries welcome Ukrainian refugees, we are doing our part to support those most in need.
The Ukrainian children will have a huge gap in their education – and we still don’t know for how long. Our mission is to provide access to informal learning during a crisis, when education is the most disrupted.
Now more than ever, children need resources to calm the mind, reduce anxiety and give a sense of peace – even for just a few moments a day.
Books Unbound is working to provide free creative activities for organizations and individuals welcoming Ukrainian refugees.

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Mental Health Activities

Coloring is an effective creative activity that aids in the trauma healing process. Check out some of our free resources here!

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Our City
Our Ukrainian Friends
Our Traditions
Our Countryside
Emotion Wheel
Our Ukrainian Friends
Download a coloring page of our Ukrainian Friends here!
Our Traditions
Download a coloring scene of Our Traditions.
Our Countryside
Download a coloring scene of Our Countryside.
Emotion Wheel
Download full color, coloring page, and instructions: Emotion Wheel | Ukraine | Boy
Download full color, coloring page, and instructions: Emotion Wheel | Ukraine | Girl

Check other Emotion Wheels here.

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  • Support for our Ukrainian artists (they have fled their homes and need additional work)
  • Provide coloring supplies & printer paper for organizations
  • Hire translators

Support our Ukrainian team!

Support our Ukrainian team!

Your donation goes to support our team working in Ukraine during this crisis.

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