Children's Books

Everyone likes cartoons, especially the ones that look like them.
Our children’s books provide a platform to share the true stories of our Rohingya friends around the world.
Why a children’s book?
This format allows us to share a complicated issue in a simple and innocent way: through the eyes of a child. Our cartoons provide anonymity while still representing the individuals who have inspired us from the beginning.
We hope these stories encourage conversation about diversity, inclusion, and the global refugee crisis.
Written by Sophie Danielson
Illustrations by Beatrice Jasmine
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Featured Book

Books Unbound Children's Book
This book is based on a true story of a young Rohingya boy from Myanmar who was forced to leave his home.
His family was separated and scattered across the world, something that is all too common among refugees.
Even though they are separated across oceans, their unwavering family connections hold them together.

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Our Family Photo serves as an educational tool for children around the world to discuss important topics, namely the refugee crisis, what it means to be displaced, and the importance of family. A portion of the proceeds will go to support our Rohingya Reunions ongoing storytelling project.

Photo by Hailey Sadler

Stories of Rohingya
A Message from the Author:
This book was dedicated to the late Basher Ahmed, a prominent figure in the Rohingya community and a key individual in the creation of Books Unbound. I wrote this book from the perspective of his grandson, Joshim, who fled Myanmar with his mother and siblings at the age of 4. He doesn’t remember the journey of leaving his home, but is reminded of the story by his mother and older siblings — and now through this book.
I met Basher Ahmed in the refugee camps in Bangladesh after connecting with his daughter in the United States. I will never forget the moment he shared his family photo with me – the last photo his family will ever take together.
That moment inspired me to travel and connect with his family in Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, The Netherlands, and the US.
Basher Ahmed passed away at the end of 2020. His family has played a significant role in my life. As I continue to follow their journey, I continue to be challenged, inspired, and gain more clarity on what truly matters in life.

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Rohingya Reunions

Every Second of the Day | "I met Roshida’s entire family over the phone. I attended Rohingya weddings over the phone. I attended Rohingya funerals over the phone. My journey with her family all began over the phone."

Rohingya Reunions

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Rohingya Reunions

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