The Dan Danielson Memorial Fund

“You’ve got a good thing going on. Go get ’em, kiddo.” — Poppi

The Dan Danielson Memorial Fund

All donations made to the Memorial Fund will go directly to the Picture Dictionary Project — the project that Dan helped me launch in Bangladesh. We are expanding our project to provide more access to learning for the Rohingya and Bengali communities in Bangladesh.

Our #1 Supporter: Dan Danielson

“What if you saw yourself as a cartoon? What if there was a whole book that represented your people?”

I have a lot of crazy ideas. Most of them rarely come to fruition. But when I came to Poppi (Dan) and mentioned my dream of developing contextualized learning materials for my Rohingya friends, his enthusiasm and support motivated me to push forward. He encouraged me to chase this crazy idea — which led me to the refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Poppi was my #1 supporter for Books Unbound. He helped make my dream come true. With his help, I have been able to build a team of artists and educators to bring learning materials to thousands of Rohingya children in Bangladesh.

Through the ups and downs, Poppi was always there to encourage and inspire. His support for my vision is what motivates me to continue these projects so we can provide more learning materials for children all over the world.

The money will go to support the project that Poppi helped me get started and launch in Bangladesh —

The Picture Dictionary Project.

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