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Our sponsors are businesses that are already making a difference in their own community – and they’re ready to do more.
We’re supported by businesses with shared values and aligned visions.
They’re here to help us dive into new projects with vulnerable & displaced communities around the world.

We're Sponsored By:

Sponsoring the Afghan Community

“Wellness and Beauty Go Together”

Sponsoring the Rohingya Community

“Colorado’s leading stretch tent provider”

Featured Sponsor: ELKE.Beauty

ELKE’s support of our Girls’ Program helps us develop and launch a contextualized version for the Afghan community.
This program is designed to address the health education needs of Afghan adolescent girls who fled Afghanistan.
Our goal is to spark female-sensitive conversations, promote healthy lifestyle changes, and encourage alternative methods of learning when school isn’t an option.

Books Unbound + ELKE Beauty

Books Unbound + Tentrix

Sponsor: Tentrix

Tentrix’s support of our Rohingya Community helps us continue our ongoing programs in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp: Kutupalong, Bangladesh.
Our dream one day is to build pop-up, temporary schools with shelters provided by Tentrix.
Tentrix offers custom, premium stretch tent solutions for temporary and semi-permanent installations. Whether you’re installing a winter café enclosure, colorful coverage for a summer music festival, or staging a quaint wedding in the woods, Tentrix is your go-to partner for creative stretch tent solutions.
Tentrix offers installation and development services throughout the US and beyond.

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  • Quarterly updates on the community you’re sponsoring
  • Your logo will be featured in presentations, annual reports, website, and social media
  • Free copy of each new learning material created
  • Presentations by founder of Books Unbound based on request

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