Book Development

Proofreading & Cartoon Approval

Want to get involved?

Join our community in building Picture Dictionaries!
Community acceptance is a crucial step in our book development process. Once we have a final draft, we reach out to community members to gather valuable feedback on:
(1) Translations in the relevant language
(2) Cultural accuracy of the illustrations

This is where you come in!

If you belong to any of the communities involved in our focus projects, you can make a difference by providing feedback on language and/or the effectiveness of our cartoons.
All proofreaders will receive a free copy of the final product.

This month’s focus:

Mexican Picture Dictionary
Mexican Picture Dictionary
Congolese Picture Dictionary (DRC)
Rohingya Civics Education

Interested in helping?

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  • Congolese Picture Dictionary (Swahili & French, specific to DRC)
  • Somali Picture Dictionary (Somali)
  • Haitian Picture Dictionary (Haitian Creole & French)
  • Cuban Picture Dictionary (Spanish)
  • Mexican Picture Dictionary (Spanish)
  • Guatemalan Picture Dictionary (Spanish)