About Us

“It’s a common problem that organizations across the world are facing: lack of contextualized learning materials.”

That’s where we come in.
It’s no surprise that education in a refugee camp is fragile and inconsistent.
Educational environments change often because of:
  • Political instability in host country
  • Fluidity of program funds based on trending current events
  • Natural and human-caused disasters, such as fire, flooding, and famine
  • Global pandemics and associated restrictions to movement
These factors make traditional, centralized curriculum delivery networks difficult to maintain.

We’ve found an alternative.

A more resilient, community-driven informal education delivery network that is less susceptible to these disruptions.
Education by the people, for the people.
A Message from the Founder, Sophie —
As an educator in Southeast Asia, I struggled to find contextualized learning materials that catered to the various ethnicities of my students. I was left with no choice but to build my own learning materials that could foster greater engagement for literate and illiterate students. 
That’s when I discovered the power of simple, contextualized cartoons.
Everyone likes cartoons, especially the ones that look like them.
It started with just a few Rohingya-specific flashcards with a small group of Rohingya refugees in southern Thailand. The engagement in our classes transformed. For the first time ever, our Rohingya friends were being represented in cartoon form along with their traditions, food, and everyday lifestyle. A perfect learning tool paired with cultural preservation.
Books Unbound was born.
Photo by Hailey Sadler

Featured photographer: Hailey Sadler

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About Us

We are a team of artists, educators, and creators dedicated to providing contextualized learning materials for marginalized communities worldwide.


We’re a diverse team of content creators around the world, many of whom are refugees themselves. We work with photographers, artists, translators, and educators who are dedicated to providing displaced communities with accessible, contextualized learning opportunities.


Our materials are cartoon-based and culturally sensitive to reach both literate and illiterate learners in a relatable way.

Our Approach

Relevant Education Needs

We work with local educators to address immediate learning needs, such as: basic vocabulary, health needs, female-sensitive topics, etc.

Language Preservation

We work with local and international linguists to promote mother tongue literacy and preserve minority languages.

Where We Work

Refugee Camps

Kutupalong, Bangladesh

Books contextualized for life in refugee camps. Paired with Teacher Guides & Trainings to equip local educators with innovative lesson plans.
We work with:
Local organizations | International organizations | Independent educators

Resettled Countries

Around the USA (Coming soon: Europe)

Books contextualized for refugees & migrants coming to the USA. Paired with Teacher Guides & activity suggestions that can serve as icebreakers to welcome our new neighbors.
We work with:
Schools | Libraries | Universities | Churches | Nonprofit Organizations | Individuals

Education Consultants

We also provide consulting services for organizations in need of custom, contextualized learning materials

“Cartoonizing” Communities

The “Cartoonizers”