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An international team of content creators, we specialize in crafting contextualized educational messages tailored for marginalized communities.
Our approach involves thorough cultural and language research specific to the target community. Each deliverable is a result of close collaboration with the local community, ensuring authenticity and cultural sensitivity.
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Books (full color & coloring books) | Booklets | Brochures | Flashcards | Posters | Teacher Trainings | Animations

Custom Books & Printables

Culturally sensitive books & other materials to disseminate information in marginalized communities
Custom Booklet

Civics Education for Rohingya

Information about voting for Rohingya citizens in the United States | International Literacy and Development (ILAD)

Our clients | ILAD

Developed Rohingya-specific cartoons that illustrated 17 statements about the US voting process for new citizens. Worked closely with Rohingya translators from ILAD team to develop and proofread Rohingya statements.
Custom Posters

Physical Activity Promotion

Physical health and mental health promotion among marginalized communities.

Our clients | Books Unbound
Olympic Refuge Foundation Think Tank and Books Unbound

With critical support from the Olympic Refuge Foundation & UNSW Medicine & Health Scientia program, we developed 10 posters in 3 languages – Bangla, Rohingya and English. Based on evidence and now being used for training purposes.
Custom Picture Dictionary

Visual Dictionary of Rohingya Culture

A culturally sensitive cartoon learning tool for all ages | International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Collaborated with the Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre (RCMC), leveraging its extensive collection of Rohingya artifacts by artists and artisans. Through joint field research, produced and distributed over 5,000 copies of Visual Dictionary to preserve Rohingya culture among children in Kutupalong Refugee Camp.
Custom Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages for Church Fundraiser

Fully contextualized coloring scenes for church outreach fundraiser | Calvary Murrieta, USA

Hired by Calvary Murrieta to produce a series of scenes specific to represent a marginalized population. The scenes were designed as coloring pages and used in a church outreach fundraiser.
Custom Posters & Flashcards

Water Safety

Awareness campaign for water safety & drowning in rural Myanmar | Anonymous Client, Myanmar

Anonymous Client

Collaborated with anonymous missionaries to produce a short story that illustrates the prevalence of drowning in rural communities in Myanmar. Messaging is used to spread awareness about the importance of water safety and learning the basics of swimming.

Custom Animations

Customized children’s animations – culturally sensitive & contextualized
Health Promotion

Exercise is for Everyone

Physical activity promotion for refugees | University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Our clients | Books Unbound

Collaborated with ClimbAid to produce a culturally sensitive animation highlighting the positive impact of physical activity on one’s mental health. Researched and featured various refugee communities in Lebanon and promoted ClimbAid’s climbing wall in the Beqaa Valley as part of the project.

Our Rohingya Adventures

First-ever Rohingya children's animation series | International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Managed the entire animation production cycle, conducting tasks ranging from scriptwriting and voiceovers to cartoon development, animation editing, and music coordination. Produced a four-episode series of Rohingya cartoons with the goal of preserving the Rohingya language and culture, distributing them within Rohingya refugee camps.
Health Promotion

Let's Get Well Together

COVID-19 mental health campaign for refugees | IOM - Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

Directed the complete animation production process, directing all activities (scriptwriting, voiceovers, cartoon development, and animation editing). Created a short video offering guidance on enhancing mental health and alleviating anxiety during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic within the Rohingya refugee camp.

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