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Education for rohingya girls

For the Girls

Rohingya Community

A book made by girls, for girls. Filling an education gap which preserves, dignifies, and explores traditional practices and wisdom around Rohingya womanhood.

About the For the Girls Project
“Do you have a book with girls that look like us?”
Our team of female artists created a book specifically for Rohingya girls. Along with basic health practices, the book encourages creativity, innovation, and community-based work throughout all phases of life. The picture-based approach is designed to encourage girls to ask questions and spark conversation among their peers, regardless of their literacy level.
We collaborate with linguists and translators to create a written form of their Rohingya language. We go through a cultural verification process to ensure that the vocabulary we use & the cartoons developed are the most-widely understood for the focus community.
Education for refugee girls, Rohingya
Books Unbound and Maiya School

Distribute Books

Providing Resources

We distribute student books, school supplies, and snacks to a classroom of 20 girls. We employ a local Rohingya teacher and provide her with our Teacher Guide.

Launch Programs

Building Community

We conduct 24-session programs with classes of 20 girls. Each session focuses on a page topic. We discuss & complete 3 activities (drawing, partner, and group activity) to apply what we’ve learned.

Photo by Nihab Rahman

Collect Feedback

Expanding Program

We collect feedback to make improvements & analyze opportunities for expansion. We partner with local & international organizations that align with our mission and need our resources in their programs.

We’ve conducted 8 classes with Rohingya students in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp (160+ students)
What our past students think of the program:


Donate a Book
$20per book
  • 1 Girls Book
  • Includes:
  • - 60 pages of contextualized cartoons
  • - 5 sections based on the 5 Stages of Womanhood
Donate a Teacher Guide
$50per book
  • 1 Teacher Guide
  • Includes:
  • - 3 interactive activities for every page in the Girls Book
  • - Discussion topics & activity index
Sponsor a Student
$60per student
  • 1 Girls Book
  • 20 Training Sessions @ 2.5 hours per session
  • Hiring a local teacher
  • Food / Drinks per session & transportation

Here's what we'll do with your donation:

Print & Distribute

Student Books and Teacher Training Guides

Employ & Empower

local Rohingya female teachers

Launch Girls' Programs

in refugee camps – we provide food, supplies, and a safe space for girls to participate

Research & Develop

initiatives to prepare for program improvement & expansion

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Donate a book, sponsor a student, or a whole classroom and help us bring education to the World’s Largest Refugee Camp!

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