What We Do: Cartoonize Communities

Education for refugees.

Our culturally sensitive picture-based learning reaches both literate and illiterate learners of all ages. We utilize the skills of artists and educators to design fully contextualized learning materials, both with our local and global teams.

Our Team | Books Unbound

Local Educators

Step 1

Identify the education need in the community. Build an outline with local educators and organizations.

Our Team | Books Unbound

Local Photographers

Step 2

Collect reference photos from local photographers who know the community.

Our Team | Books Unbound

Global Artists

Step 3

Send cultural specifications & reference photos to our global team to cartoonize and contextualize.

Girls Book Rohingya

Local Feedback

Step 4

Share cartoons with the local community to receive feedback & approval.

Implementation | Step 5

  • Work alongside organizations to get the materials distributed.
  • Implement teacher training sessions.
  • Gather feedback from users.

Why We Do It

The Problem

A young Rohingya boy flees his village in Myanmar by boat. He ends up at a refugee camp in a neighboring country. He’s desperate to go to school, but he can’t.

Limited Resources

He finds a book that was donated to the camp. The first page shows a group of American children hopping on a bright yellow school bus. 

The next page shows a woman in a tight mini-skirt, cooking over an electric stove. None of it is relevant. He quickly loses interest in the book.

The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cartoon of him?

That’s where we come in.