What We Do: Cartoonize Communities

  • Research

    We work directly with community educators and organizations to outline the learning materials.

  • Collect Reference Photos

    We work alongside local photographers to collect reference photos directly from the community.

  • Cartoonize

    We cartoonize the characters. Every cartoon is approved by the community.

  • Distribute

    We work alongside organizations to get the materials distributed throughout the community.

Why We Do It

The Problem

A young Rohingya boy flees his village in Myanmar by boat. He ends up at a refugee camp in a neighboring country. He’s desperate to go to school, but he can’t.

Limited Resources

He finds a book that was donated to the camp. The first page shows a group of American children hopping on a bright yellow school bus. 

The next page shows a woman in a tight mini-skirt, cooking over an electric stove. None of it is relevant. He quickly loses interest in the book.

The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cartoon of him?

That’s where we come in.