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It’s hard to find quality, targeted learning materials for refugees.

That’s why we’re here.

We’re experienced content creators and educators with over 8 years of experience.
We conduct in-depth research in communities to create quality content that is engaging, colorful, and inclusive for marginalized communities.

Education Consultants

Need specific learning materials for your program? We design custom learning materials for organizations.

Curriculum Designers

Want our books in a different culture & language? We’ll contextualize our current products for your program.

Teacher Trainers

We’ll conduct custom teacher trainings to equip your educators with innovative lesson plans that increase student engagement.

Our Past Clients

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Our clients | Books Unbound
Our clients | Books Unbound
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Celebrating Religious Diversity

Project for a Chaplain at Colorado Springs Children’s Hospital.

Diversity & Inclusive Learning

Rohingya Visual Dictionary

Project for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) that “cartoonizes” the Rohingya culture in a visual dictionary.

Rohingya Culture Book | Books Unbound

Water Safety

Project for an organization in Myanmar to spread awareness of drowning & water safety practices.

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