Seeing In Color: The Power of Coloring in the Rohingya Community

Guest Contributor: Sydney Aguas

Coloring has always been a way for people to express themselves artistically and tap into the wells of our imaginations. But coloring can also help people find calm in the midst of chaos, triumph in the midst of difficulty, and joy in the midst of sorrow and trouble. At Books Unbound, we understand how beneficial coloring can be. That is why we have created our coloring books for Rohingya, Afghan, and Ukrainian children.
Healing Through Color: Coloring As a Therapeutic Activity
Coloring can serve as a therapeutic activity for children and adults alike. Coloring can be used to relieve stress and anxiety and to increase focus and mental wellness. 
According to an article from Ripple Kindness Project, Coloring can have a profoundly therapeutic and calming effect on children as they shift their focus to concentrate on finishing their picture. This peaceful activity can provide an outlet for processing emotions and take the focus off challenging situations.” 
This is exactly the kind of help that we hope to provide to Rohingya, Afghan, and Ukrainian children through our coloring books. For many children, Books Unbound offered the chance to use coloring books or to engage in creative activity for the first time. Our coloring books are even more meaningful because they represent various aspects of their culture. A lot of times, when they’re looking at our coloring books, it brings back memories and stories that they share with one another.
Coloring isn’t just for children, it’s also very helpful for adults, especially the adults we work with. An article from Develop Good Habits notes that it “has proven that adult coloring pages are not only a great means of self-therapy when the anxious feelings begin to increase, but it [also] helps to quickly get the anxiety sufferer in a calmer state of mind.”
Competing with Color: Coloring Competitions
In addition to the coloring books themselves, Books Unbound has had the honor of hosting several coloring competitions. We’ve found that the coloring competitions have motivated the students in a healthy way. Children love competition – in sports, school, and other aspects of their life. Some healthy competition is good and it gives children something to strive for. We have seen Rohingya children thrive as they participate in our coloring competitions and feel satisfied when they finish. 


Kutupalong, Bangladesh

“I felt happy when I got the book. From my very young age, I used to love drawing. My mother was the first person who helped me in drawing and coloring. That is why I have an eagerness to color from my very young age. From this book, my favorite page is “Our Classroom.” This book increases my pleasure and eagerness of coloring. I won 2nd place in the coloring competition. Competition always gives me the positive attitude and makes me actively strive to do better. Thank you Books Unbound for this coloring book and competition.”


Kutupalong, Bangladesh

“This is my first time introduced with this kind of book. I’m satisfied with this beautiful topics and pages. The best way to spend free time is with this book. “Garden” is my favourite page from this book. I love flowers so much. Mostly roses. I participated in previous coloring competition. The competition moments were fascinating. All the pages are beautiful and matched with my hobby. Thank you so much BOOKS UNBOUND for this wonderful book and competition.”


Kutupalong, Bangladesh

“Drawing and coloring are my favorite hobbies. In my free time, I love to draw and color. This coloring book made it so much easier. Now I spend my free time with this book. I feel mentally refreshed when I sit for coloring. I enjoyed the competition so much. I tried my best. Competition motivated me to do better like others who got prize. I love to draw animals as well as flowers. Thank you Books Unbound for this amazing book.”⠀

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