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Focus Community: Rohingya

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The content includes:

  • 17 contextualized cartoons describing the voting process for a new US citizen
  • Descriptions in English and Rohingyalish

The printable includes:

  • US Letter (front and back)
  • 8 page booklet (2 US letter pages, front and back)
  • Instructions on folding the booklet

A note on Rohingya orthography:

This printable was developed using the November 2023 version of Rohingyalish as announced by Mohammed Siddique Basu. This includes removing the ñ to mark nasalized vowels and instead marking the vowels themselves (ã, ẽ, ĩ, õ, ũ). It includes replacing dh with ḍ, th with ṭ, and ç with ṛ.

Created in collaboration with ILAD and Books Unbound

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About International Literacy & Development (ILAD)

The Rohingya Program under International Literacy and Development supports the Dallas Rohingya community with tools for English language-learning, acclimation to their new home and culture, language development, and cultural preservation of their distinct heritage.

We partner with a number of area service agencies and with the Rohingya community as we build bridges together toward a brighter future.

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About Books Unbound

We're the go-to "cartoonizers" in the humanitarian field. We design contextualized learning materials for displaced communities in need of cultural & language preservation. We sell our own products and design custom projects for organizations.

We partner with ILAD and other organizations directly involved in refugee communities around the United States.

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Funded by the Sumners Foundation, Harold Simmons Foundation, and generous private donors.

Rohingya Civics Education

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