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Coloring for a Cause

Books Unbound’s Custom Project with Calvary Murrieta Church
We partnered with Calvary Murrieta Church in California to create a custom project highlighting a marginalized community in Asia. This collaboration effectively combined artistic expression, educational outreach, and charitable efforts.
The aim of the project was to teach students, ranging from elementary to high school, about this particular marginalized community.
Our team worked closely with individuals who had personal experience with the community. Feedback always plays a crucial role throughout the creative process, with ongoing discussions between our team and individuals deeply familiar with the target community.
The back-and-forth feedback process ensured that the final illustrations not only met artistic standards but also truly reflected the essence of the portrayed group.
The result? We ended up with two versions of each scene: full color and a coloring version. These pages served a dual purpose.
  1. They were the highlight of a coloring contest at Calvary Murrieta Church, bringing some fun while also shedding light on the marginalized community in Asia.
  2. They provided students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about a culture that’s quite different from their own.
We are honored to partner with Calvary Murrieta on this project that educates and spread awareness about marginalized communities around the world. The coloring pages are available for download on Calvary Murrieta’s website.
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