Currently on hold

The Universal Human Rights: Abridged Version

We’ve allocated our funds to other projects that require immediate attention, but we’d like to revisit this project in the future.

Talk to us

If your organization would like to hire us to design culturally sensitive cartoons & materials to show the Universal Human Rights, talk to us. We’d love to resurrect this project!

We created this simplified version of the Universal Human Rights as an educational tool for children that encourages discussion and awareness of their rights.

It has been designed to reach literate and illiterate children through its picture-based and contextualized approach.

This tool can be used for conversation building, multi-language learning, reinforcing critical thinking skills, and a platform for art-based activities.

Sponsor a Community!

Want to bring the Human Rights project to a specific community? Become a Community Sponsor and we’ll create a fully contextualized Human Rights book for the community you work with.

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