Picture Dictionary Project

The Rohingya Community

Communities using our Picture Dictionary


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The Bangla Community

Our Picture Dictionary is designed to be modified for each community.

We created it to meet the following objectives:
  1. Vocabulary Development: Learning a relevant language through the essential vocabulary provided in the Picture Dictionary.
  2. Problem Solving: Reinforcing critical thinking skills through illustrations of relevant problems within the community.
  3. Creativity: Providing a platform for art-based activities to enhance creativity.

The Picture Dictionary: What’s In It?

  • The Basics [alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes]
  • Myself [my face, my body, my clothes, emotions, I like / I don’t like]
  • Food [food, drinks, fruits, vegetables, kitchen, I have / I don’t have]
  • People [my family, my friends, opposites]
  • Everyday [what time is it, everyday, hobbies, jobs]
  • Let’s Go [traveling, places, animals]
  • Health [symptoms, stay healthy, emergencies, disasters, infrastructure]
  • Map [contextualized map of the local area]

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