The Treasure of Family

A Book Review

By Sydney Aguas

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No matter where in the world we find ourselves, our family will always be with us. The word “family” holds a different meaning for everyone. Family can be who we are related to by birth. Family can be a group of beloved friends. Family can even be strangers we do not know, but who welcome into their homes and hearts. However you define it, one thing remains the same: family is the people who always love and support you. They are the people that live in your heart.
For the refugee, family is crucial. Crisis causes thousands of refugees to flee from their home country to places unknown. According to UNHCR, an estimated 26.4 million people were displaced as refugees by the end of 2020. 1.1 million of those were refugees from Myanmar.
The Rohingya understand the reality of being a refugee, especially for families. Often families are broken apart and scattered across the globe. In these new countries, family members must adapt to many different ways of life. They are separated by language, borders and even continents…But they are not truly separate, and they are not truly alone.
Wherever refugees go in the world, they bring their history. They carry their language, customs, and traditions with them. Sometimes, they also carry items like photos, clothing, and recipes. Memories of their families and heritage are bound up in these things like hidden treasures, connecting them across land and sea. Even if refugees must make new lives in unfamiliar places, their families are always with them.
It is especially important for refugee children to remember this truth. The trauma of conflict and displacement severely affects children. As of 2020, UNHCR estimates that children make up 42% of displaced. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of children have been born into refugee life in the last three years. Because of the numerous trials that they endure, refugee children need a hope that they can cling to; now more than ever, they need to know they are not alone.
Books Unbound - Rohingya Reunions
Our Family Photo: A Children’s Book
For Rohingya children around the world, there is hope and encouragement even in times of struggle. The team at Books Unbound believes it is vital for all displaced children to know that they are not alone, and that they will always have their families with them. It is also important for non-displaced children to have a deeper understanding of what refugees face – and this book provides a platform for these conversations to take place.
That is why they have created Our Family Photo. This cartoonized children’s book is based on the true experience of a young Rohingya boy. Though he and his family are separated in countries around the world, their family is held together by love and a photo they all keep. Through dynamic characters and beautiful colors, different countries, people, and cultures are brought to life in the story of this boy’s journey.
According to Books Unbound, this book will help “spark conversation among children about the refugee crisis and share about the importance of family.” This fully contextualized book is a wonderful new way to encourage refugee children and inform other children about how they can help the refugee cause.
Books Unbound is committed to providing educational materials to those who need it most. They offer education in the form of cartoons that are culturally sensitive and relevant. Their work has transformed the lives of countless Rohingya. As Books Unbound’s newest project, Our Family Photo will hopefully unite children everywhere as they value the treasure of family.

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A great back-to-school gift to teach about diversity & inclusion. Proceeds go to support our work with Rohingya refugees.

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