Working with refugees / immigrants in the USA?

These materials below are tailored for educators working with immigrants & refugees in the US.

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We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new Picture Dictionary for the Afghan Community!
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Our Family Photo | Children’s Book

Target audience: Local & immigrant children living in the US, ages 5 – 10.

Perfect for American educators to teach about diversity, inclusion, and immigration. Discussion questions provided at the end of the book!

This book is based on a true story of a young Rohingya boy from Myanmar who was forced to leave his home. His family was separated and scattered across the world, something that is all too common among refugees. Even though they are separated across oceans, they have something special that holds them together. Learn more here.

Working with refugees & immigrants in the US?

Our Picture Dictionary & Teacher Guide covers basic ESL survival words for incoming refugees & immigrants. Learn more about the topics included here.

Looking for a creative mental health activity?

Our coloring books are helpful tools for children suffering from conflict-related trauma. Learn more about our impact with coloring books here.

Working with Rohingya girls?

This book is contextualized for Rohingya girls living in refugee camps, but a lot of Rohingya communities in the US are using this resource. We hope this book inspires girls in vulnerable communities to pursue an education, engage in their community, and use their skills to make a difference in their community.

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Informal learning for Rohingya refugees.

My Picture Dictionary


Our Picture Dictionary includes 60 pages of basic vocabulary and contextualized cartoons, perfect for building conversation and improving vocabulary. This version provides 3 languages: Burmese, Rohingya, and English. All cartoons are culturally sensitive and represent the Rohingya culture. We provide a Student Book and Teacher Guide, perfect for classroom or at-home learning.

Coloring books for Rohingya

My Coloring Book


Our Coloring Book provides a fun, culturally sensitive creative activity for Rohingya children. With 26 contextualized pages of the Rohingya community, children have the opportunity to express themselves through coloring, an extremely therapeutic activity.

Education for Rohingya girls

For the Girls


For the Girls was created to provide Rohingya girls with an informal picture-based learning tool to address important female-sensitive topics that affect girls around the world. This book is designed to encourage girls to ask questions and spark conversation among their peers, regardless of their literacy level. We hope this book inspires girls in vulnerable communities to pursue an education, engage in their community, and use their skills to make a difference.

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