#DoNotTouchMyClothes Campaign

Afghan women protesting Taliban restrictions on women’s rights
The Taliban has placed a strict dress code on Afghan women, sparking the erosion of women’s rights in Afghanistan.
Afghan women around the world refuse to let this happen and are taking action to create awareness through social media.
The #DoNotTouchMyClothes campaign was started by Dr Bahar Jalali in response to the clothing restrictions placed on Afghan women by the Taliban. Since posting this hashtag on Twitter, Afghan women all over the world started posting photos of themselves in their traditional clothing.
This campaign showcases the beauty and diversity of Afghan clothing. Every garment is bright, colorful, and unique. The detail in each piece of clothing is exquisite – and clearly illustrates the deep heritage and history of the Afghan traditional clothes.
Our job is to “cartoonize communities,” so naturally, this was a perfect campaign for us. We have fallen in love with the Afghan clothing and love seeing the diverse, colorful dresses that are displayed all over social media.
Every dress tells a story. Every dress shares a memory. Every dress makes a statement.
What a beautiful, powerful statement to make against the Taliban. This work has inspired us to create a fully contextualized For the Girls book for Afghan girls coming to the United States. We want to equip Afghan girls with an empowering resource to spark conversation about women’s rights, women’s health, and how we can make an impact in our communities.
We are so excited to work alongside the Afghan community, a community full of fighters and leaders. Now is the time to recognize and acknowledge women’s rights in Afghanistan.
All of our projects are made possible by private donors like you! If you would like to support our For the Girls project, you can make a donation below. Donations go to support the development and printing of our Afghan version of our For the Girls program.

I want to support this cause!

Donations go to support our “For the Girls” program for Afghan refugees coming to the US! Help us empower the Afghan community today.

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