“When you consider the job as your own responsibility to serve humanity, you will find the perfection.”
Ramjan is one of the Books Unbound team members that have truly been with us from the start. We believe it takes a unique kind of individual to see the potential for a challenging project like this and stay committed, even when things get hard like when Covid-19 lockdowns hit just as our programs were really getting off the ground. It takes someone who is passionate about making change for their community and is open minded about what those solutions may look like. And we can certainly say that about Ramjan. 
As our first Project Manager, Ramjan has played a huge part in many of Books Unbound’s achievements to date. He works as our Teacher Trainer, ensuring that our teachers are well equipped to deliver our program, understand our resources, and create change for their students. Working with Rohingya refugees and living in Bangladesh, Ramjan offers the team invaluable local support.
We asked him to share with us what his experience has been working for Books Unbound.
“I’m Ramjan Ali, from Bangladesh have been working with Books Unbound as a project manager since 2019. Before joining in Books Unbound, I worked as a monitoring officer in another organisation. I can say, I have been working with Books Unbound from at the very beginning of its journey. 
As a humanitarian worker, I want to work with such a nonprofit organisation by which I can reach too closer to help the vulnerable and marginalised people (refugees) mostly in Education sector. That’s why I have chosen Books Unbound.
In my journey with Books Unbound, I am not only doing my core responsibilities but also gaining experiences, new skills and ideas which are helping me to go more closer to them (refugees). Every single day I’m meeting with various talented people who are looking for the opportunity to showcase their talents. Books Unbound is playing a vital role on this field and increasing their competence, creativity and confidence.
In my work, this quote motivates me.
‘When you consider the job as your own responsibility to serve humanity, you will find the perfection. No matter where you are.’
This is what I’m feeling now after working with Books Unbound.”

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