Coloring competition in the world's largest refugee camp

A Coloring Competition in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

We decided to host a friendly coloring competition with our Coloring Books in Kutupalong, Bangladesh.
Thanks to the generous donations from Calvary Murrieta, we were able to print 500 coloring books and host our first ever coloring competition.
The Set Up:
Our local coordinator set up a panel of judges (local educators in the area). We invited 50 students to participate in the competition. One scene was selected in the Coloring Book as the competition assignment.
The prizes were awarded to the students based on creativity & use of color.
Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

1st Place Winner

Coloring books for refugees
Coloring books for Rohingya children

2nd Place Winner

Rohingya children in Kutupalong

3rd Place Winner

Coloring books for refugees, Books Unbound
Books Unbound coloring books

4th Place Winner



5th Place Winner

Rohingya children coloring books
All participants received snacks, coloring pencils, and pencil sharpeners.
We are thrilled with the outcome of this coloring competition and thankful for everyone who participated, both in the competition and in the fundraising.
Thanks again for everyone who supported our coloring book project!
Buy a Coloring Book
$5per book
  • 1 Coloring Book
  • 1 package of 12 coloring pencils
  • 1 pencil sharpener
Sponsor our Monthly Distribution
$2550for 500 students
  • 500 Coloring Books
  • 500 packages of 12 coloring pencils
  • 500 pencil sharpeners
  • Coloring competition will be arranged

Your donation makes a huge impact in the world’s largest refugee camp!


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