The Refugee Education Crisis

Education in refugee camps is a luxury. When resources are stretched thin and families are displaced, education is neglected, creating a learning gap. With little formal opportunity to learn, cognitive development is compromised and refugees fall victim to depression, hopelessness and lost sense of purpose.

The time between flight from persecution and resettlement, whether a few months or many years, can be pivotal and transformative. Through targeted services, time in camps can be redeemed to promote educational growth.

Books Unbound delivers targeted informal learning for refugees to bridge this gap.


Our online platform provides opportunity for artists all over the world to contribute illustrations. We work closely with the refugees to ensure that all illustrations are culturally sensitive and relevant.

Scalable and Innovative

Our picture-based curriculum allows for scalable and innovative teaching methods. This also increases access to information for those unable to attend traditional learning environments.


We provide a platform for the stories of the refugees to be documented and shared to a global audience.

The Rohingya Project

We are creating a Rohingya-specific picture dictionary to implement in the refugee camps in Bangladesh. We work closely with refugees and local organizations to equip them with necessary resources. These learning materials are all individualized for the Rohingya culture — making it valuable and relatable.