The Rohingya Project

We developed a Rohingya-specific picture dictionary. We work alongside local and international NGOs to distribute in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. This Picture Dictionary is used by students of various levels and ages

Reinforcing critical thinking skills through pictures that are relevant to their everyday life and situation

We created Rohingya flashcard sets to aid in the learning process. These are a classroom favorite for students of all ages. Each classroom set has 200 Rohingya-specific pictures

We provide in-person teacher training sessions to share innovative teaching methods and lesson plan ideas. Our trainings equip local teachers with the skills needed to use the Picture Dictionary with various age groups and levels.

Our Goal

Print and distribute 5,000 more picture dictionaries
Print and distribute 150 more sets of flashcards

Your support is what keeps us going!

Help us bring more learning into the Rohingya community, one cartoon at a time. Donate to our Rohingya Project today

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