Cost per book: $20
(includes printing, operation and development costs)

Length of Curriculum: 6 – 9 months

Number of students using one book per day: 3

$20 donation reaches students per day.

$200 donation reaches 30 students per day.

$2000 donation reaches 300 students per day.


Provide books for a classroom!

(40 students per class, 3 classes per day)

$800 provides education for 120 students per day.

Help us reach more Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh!


Books Unbound has partnered with New Horizons Foundation, a 501c3 public charity that focuses on helping individuals accomplish their charitable goals. Their online portal allows direct donations to Books Unbound in a convenient and secure manner.

NOTE: Their IRS tax ID is 84-1123082 and they qualify for most corporate giving programs.

If you want to mail in a physical check, please make it payable to “New Horizons Foundation” with memo “Books Unbound — Pilot Project” and mail to:  Books Unbound, c/o New Horizons Foundation, 5550 Tech Center Dr STE 303, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.