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Contextualized learning materials for refugees & marginalized communities

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What We Do: Cartoonize Communities

We’re the go-to “cartoonizers” in the humanitarian field.
We create representation through cartoonization for displaced communities in need of cultural preservation and informal, culturally sensitive resources.
We sell our own products, offer teacher trainings, and work as education consultants to design custom projects for organizations and companies.
Our simple approach allows us to dip our toes into an endless pool of topics, reaching both literate and illiterate learners in a culturally sensitive way.

Every project is designed to be contextualized to any community in the world, making our projects easily expandable.


USA, Europe (TBD)


Europe, USA


Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA

Projects are designed based on the immediate needs in focus communities.

Picture Dictionaries

Rohingya, Afghan, USA

Culturally sensitive, inclusive Picture Dictionaries & Teacher Guides to represent refugee and immigrant communities. Designed to be used by anyone, literate or illiterate, at home or at school.

Coloring Books

Afghan, Rohingya, Ukrainian, Bangla, Syrian

Culturally sensitive, inclusive coloring books designed to represent the refugees’ home countries to give them a sense of familiarity & representation. Great resource to aid in the trauma-healing process.

Girls' Books

Rohingya, Afghan

Culturally sensitive women’s health books tailored for girls living in vulnerable communities. Designed to introduce female-sensitive conversations and promote healthy lifestyle changes.

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The Dan Danielson Memorial Fund

None of this would have been possible without him.

Books Unbound’s #1 Supporter: Dan Danielson.


Our projects are supported by you! Your donation covers the cost for printing and developing materials. Help us bring more informal learning into communities, one cartoon at a time.

Request a Guest Speaker

Request a presentation from founder, Sophie Danielson, to learn more about the Rohingya diaspora, how Books Unbound began, and her journey of finding her Rohingya friends around the world.

Hire Us

Are you in need of culturally relevant, picture-based learning materials? We develop custom projects based on your need. Materials are available in various mediums (books, animations, posters, etc). Let us “cartoonize” your curriculum.

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