From 1930 to Now

From 1930 to Now

The day I was welcomed into this incredible Rohingya family in 2015 was when everything changed. I’ve followed this family for the past 4 years and they were the inspiration behind Books Unbound. Today I was reunited yet again. Roshida’s father shares with me documents that he has kept since the 1930s, documenting evidence leading up to the Rohingya genocide. He served the Myanmar government for over 30 years and received the highest honor. He was stripped of his citizenship and forced to flee his home with nothing but these precious documents and photos.

His family members have been scattered across the world, some have been killed. Today he called me his daughter, welcomed me into his family, and continued to share his incredible story with me. The world needs to know about these incredible people and everything they’ve overcome.


Photo Credit | Nihab Rahman |


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