Rohingya Reunions: My Week in Sheboygan

Rohingya Reunions: My Week in Sheboygan

These Rohingya reunions are an interesting social experiment for me to see just what people think of America. I ask them to show me all of their favorite places in America and we make a weekend out of it.

My first weekend in Sheboygan went as follows:

  1. Surprising the family at the front door, just in time to eat a Rohingya meal the size of Thanksgiving
  2. Visiting their neighbors (who are all refugees and all decide to cook me a meal)
  3. Drinking 4 Redbulls in one sitting (they wouldn’t stop giving them to me…and I kept on drinking)
  4. Taking a trip to Walmart at 11:00pm, cleaning out the Serrano peppers in the produce aisle in preparation for our next meal.
  5. Blasting Bollywood music while driving…and going to McDonald’s at 12:00am because apparently “Teacher Sophie is still hungry.”
  6. Finally snuggling in bed with 4 kids and their mother…but not sleeping at all. Facetiming families in Bangladesh instead. Sleep? What is sleep?
  7. Finally sleeping at 2:00am only to be woken at 6:00am for (you guessed it) another meal.

Food is serious business in the Rohingya culture. No kidding. That’s worth a whole other blog post.

Amidst the craziness and constant state of confusion (I regularly hop in the car with them with no idea where I’ll be going), I wouldn’t trade my Rohingya-filled life for a second.

I’m ready to jump into the next adventure, serrano peppers and all.

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