Rohingya Reunions: Bangladesh

Rohingya Reunions: Bangladesh

“You are my daughter. You are my friend. You are part of my family now. Thank you for being Hazara’s sister.” I never expected to hear those words from Hazara’s mother. This is a woman who said goodbye forever to her daughter who fled Myanmar by boat. I met her daughter in Thailand and we spent 9 months together before she was resettled to the States, where I continue to visit her.

4 years later, Hazara is married with two children in Georgia, USA. Knowing she could not go back, Hazara asked me to find her mother and tell her she is alright. With the help of some incredible friends, I finally came to Bangladesh and met the woman who calls me daughter.

I showed her photos of her grandchildren — two individuals she may never meet in her lifetime. Though she has lost everything, Hazara’s mother is filled with hope.

She wraps up a gift for me to send back to her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren — four loved ones she might not ever see again.

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