9 Years Later

9 Years Later


“It’s been 9 years, Sophie. 9 years since I saw my father. Now I finally get to see him after all this time. We got our tickets. We’re going!”

I am honored to follow the beautiful story of my incredible friends who have overcome so much. Separation, devastation, walking into the unknown. All this time, just holding onto the hope that they would all some day be reunited.

And now they’re one step closer.

It’s easy to torture ourselves by the idea of “what if…?”
What if we hadn’t taken that path? What if we hadn’t made that decision? What if we hadn’t met that person?

In my friend’s case, what if the boat hadn’t stopped too soon — one stop short of where her father was waiting. That logistical setback changed everything, forcing her to grow up without a father.

But the big picture is always there — we may not see it just yet, but it will soon become clear.

Excited for the next chapter of this incredible story I’ve witnessed over the past 5 years.

To be continued…


|Featured Photographer| Hailey Sadler (www.haileysadler.com)

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